We use our experience to manufacture parts for the sports and leisure sector.

We manufacture parts for cycles, electric bikes, water sports, and electric scooters.

We are positioned on medium and mass production generally ranging from 1000 to 1M pieces per year.

Capacity: Ø10 to 160 mm diameter

Some examples of parts that we machine in our workshops:

  • Wheel body and hubs,
  • Electric motor housings,
  • Satellite doors,
  • Valves,

Our machined materials for sport and leisure sector

For the sports and leisure sector, we mainly manufacture aluminum, steel or brass parts.

Discover our machined materials:

Steel parts

  • 11SMn37/ 1.0736 /S300
  • 11SMn30/ 1.0715/ S250
  • 44SMn28/ 1.0762/ 45MF6.3
  • 36SMn14/ 1.0764/ 35MF6

Aluminium parts

  • EN AW-6060
  • EN AW-2030
  • EN AW-2011
  • EN AW-7075
  • EN AW-6082
  • EN AW-6064
  • EN AW-6026

Brass parts

  • CW710R
  • CW713R
  • CW724R
  • CW624N
  • CW614N

This is a non-exhaustive list, please contact us to find out more.

Our production machines adapted to the requirements of the sport and leisure sector

We have NC or traditional machines allowing us to manufacture in mass production with high productivity. Our machine fleet is also made up of two-spindle NC machines allowing us to produce parts of great complexity.

Our additional external services

Carrying out different surface treatments according to your needs.

  • Hard or colorless anodization
  • Nickel plating
  • Chromium plating